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JIM_JOHNSON History of Epsilon 
 Epsilon Boulè
  by Archon Douglas R. Bender, Sr. 

Epsilon Epsilon Boulé became another link in the chain of the brotherhood of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity when it was chartered in Costa Mesa, California on Saturday, March 28, 2009. It was the 120th member boulé for the Fraternity.

Archon Jim Johnson & Archousa Chrystal Johnson


It owes its existence to the leadership of four outstanding Archons who came to Orange County from Gamma Zeta Boulé in Pasadena, Delta Xi in Walnut, and Alpha Pi in San Diego in the form of Jim Johnson and Bill Hayes, Berky Nelson, and Grand Agogos Harold Tuck, respectively. (Grand Sire Archon Robert Harris also personally introduced some of the prospective Archons to the Fraternity.) Mention should also be made of former Pacific Region Sire Archon-Elect Kermit Boston who took a special interest in the formation of Epsilon Epsilon. Their tireless efforts resulted in a stellar group of prospective Archons that rivaled any charter group in the history of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity.

The submission package was tendered to the Grand Boulé in Atlanta on June 20th, 2008 by Sire Archon Bill Hayes and was approved on July 30th to move forward.  Twenty-four names were initially submitted and each of them was confirmed at the chartering event.


Interest meetings were held at the homes of Archon candidates Landon Taylor (15 April 2008), the first Sire Archon-Elect, Dee Kerrison (1 October 2008), the first Grapter, and George Tyson, the first Sire Archon (9 November 2007) in Irvine, Corona Del Mar, and Laguna Hills respectively. Archons Johnson, Nelson, Hayes, and Tuck, among others, travelled to Orange County frequently to rally the candidates and provided much needed information, guidance, and vetting.

Archon Nelson even brought his Archousa Joan along on one occasion to share an Archousa’s view of the Boulé. The celebration following the chartering ceremony was nothing short of spectacular and many of the guests danced the night away to a live band. Even a harpist played for the A-list crowd during the champagne reception before dinner.

The charter ceremony was a grand occasion with well over a hundred Archons and Archousai and special guests in attendance. It took place in the cultural center of Orange County at the exclusive Center Club, adjacent to the César Pelli-designed René and Henry Saegersrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa.

Five of the eight Grand Officers were in attendance at the event and the induction was presided over by Grand Sire Archon Robert Harris with Berky Nelson, Pacific Region Sire Archon, as Master of Ceremonies. John H. Norton III, Chair of the Grand Boulé’s Growth & Expansion Committee shared remarks on the occasion for the audience and Cornell Moore, Immediate Past Grand Sire Archon, shared greetings from the Office of the Grand Boulé. Other Grand Offficers in attendance were Grand Sire Archon-Elect Rodney Reed, Grand Grapter Khephra Burns and Harold Tuck, Grand Agogos.

Eleven member boulés were represented at the event including Xi, Omicron, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Pi, Alpha Sigma, Beta Upsilon, Gamma Zeta, Gamma Mu, Delta Xi, Delta Rho, and Epsilon Beta.

The new Archousai received a brief orientation from Archousai Glenda (Robert) Harris and Joan (Berky) Nelson while the men were being inducted. A colloquium on art and culture was presented by world-renown artist and 2010 Stellar Award winner Synthia Saint James. The new Archousai were also presented personalized engraved Elsa Peretti Wave crystal boxes from Tiffany & Company in New York which spawned an Epsilon Epsilon Boulé tradition of every new Archousa receiving the gift commemorating the induction occasion of their husband and welcoming them to our family. The item is engraved with the Archousa’s name and the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity symbol.

The charter member's backgrounds were diverse, interesting and pedigreed.  Two were bankers, twelve business executives and/or consultants, four doctors, an investment advisor, three attorneys, an elected official (the only African American elected official county-wide at time of chartering), and one incredible PhD who was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and an MIT graduate!

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